The Glorious Tresses of the Great Beatrix

Beatrix rides!

The hoofbeats of her glorious steed echo through time and through space, transcending the confines of solar systems, galaxies, or the paltry and foolish understanding of species.

Our human minds behold her as the incarnation of a perfect womanly form. Her golden tresses ripple over the glowing white horse as she passes over eternal meadows and through forests pulsing with the joy of her presence. Her locks of hair, perfumed with the scent of life itself, drift past and around us as a benediction.

She rides! May all glory in the light of her coming. Hear her hoofbeats and rejoice. Beatrix rides! May we delight in the caress of her hair and live. Praise be to Beatrix, and blessed be her steed.


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